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Ricky Calmbach first hit the Texas Music scene in June of 2001 thanks to a stroke of luck (or fate) one morning on the legendary Sam & Bob morning call-in show on 98.1 KVET radio in Austin, TX. The event is best described by radio veteran, Bob Cole:

"One morning several months ago, I unbelievably but almost divinely played a song off of an unknown album that was lying in the studio and opened a BIG can of worms. Ricky Calmbach instantly became a local celebrity in Austin with one of the largest, most genuine, and overwhelming responses I have ever experienced in 30 years of radio. That is a considerable achievement considering how critical the Sam and Bob Show audience so often is.” Bob Cole 2001

Ricky's roots actually began a few years before in 1998 with his freshman effort, Ricky Calmbach and the Backporch Band, in Smithville, TX. The happenings on the radio in 2001 just became the spark that launched Ricky into a larger Texas audience. Since that first self-titled album cut in 2000, Ricky has recorded two more , Texas Standard Time (2002), and A Step in the Right Direction (2004). Each of the three albums are collections of Ricky's traditional sounds with a flare of western swing. Ricky authors most of the music he records adding an occasional classic to the mix.

Ricky has been off the scene for several years focusing on his family life and young children. He has continued to write and has plans to record a new album in 2020 and also plans beginning to book and perform live shows starting in summer 2020...

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